We lied.

We don't have a 'method.'

We're not going to enlighten you. 

But we do believe already within you are all of the elements necessary for growth.

Unfortunately because of modern life we often can't feel or hear who we are. :( 

The result is ever increasing personal and societal suffering and discord.  

So we rebelled (sorry Mom) and reversed the order.

By prioritizing feeling. 

There, deep within, is all understanding and truth. Or something like that..

Once we realize who, what, where, when and why we are. We get HOW to conscientiously participate in our evolution and enjoyment. 

Our Areas of Emphasis are simply an extension of our personal experience. They'll probably change, as we hope you do, for now if something speaks to you, speak up, reach out and see if we can help you help us help you. High Five! 

email us at info@theHu.co 

areas of emphasis

exploration - Yoga, Meditation, travel

Examination - Communication, assessment

Experimentation - movement, silence, psychedelic  


Ready to make moves?