At the core of our performance method is a conviction that with intelligent physical exercise and consideration we are holistically able to purify the body, protect health and sustain function. 

Through a combination of traditional strength training, movement, yoga, nutrition, hydration and functional exercise our fitness programs are effective at reducing injury rate and severity, speeding recovery and reaching and exceeding performance standards. 

Our wellness programs are designed and implemented by C.H.E.K. Exercise Coach and Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor AJ Wong. 

Human movement and mobility programs:


Specifically for the Human Athlete this unique sport specific yoga program emphasizes flexibility, agility and mental regeneration through breath, movement and meditation. Explore yourself and experience the difference many UFC, NBA, NFL and NCAA athletes are using to gain a mental and physical edge. 

Practical Training

Designed for individual Humans sessions are 45-90 minutes and combine corrective exercise with FUNctional fitness. Our scientific programming gets the results you want in a challenging but enjoyable environment. A proven way to meet and exceed your fitness goals. 


Corporate Wellness

Human workdays become more efficient, effective and enjoyable with these scalable workouts, work-ins and work-throughs. Take your team to the next level with energetic and transformative holistic yoga, meditation and fitness classes. 

Workshops and Seminars

Transform your team with an intensive curriculum on communication, coordination and/or celebration. 

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