The Modern Manipulation of Meditation

The Modern Manipulation of Meditation


You've heard of meditation, right? 

Probably because everyone is doing it. 

As spirituality has gone mainstream, meditation has become a popular subject shared by 'spiritual teachers' worldwide. 

Yet ask ten of these professionals to define and describe the activity and you will get twelve answers. 

Perhaps a result of various types of practices, or more likely because none of these idiots know the taste of meditativeness.  

Just this past week there was an online argument between myself and one of the supposed mindful leaders about what meditation is and is not.  

They claimed 'modern scientific meditation' is more appropriate and applicable for the life of the modern man than traditional meditation.  

My response was that there is one meditation...silence.  

In which they proceeded to instruct "not to simplify meditation like that."  

Well asshole, what could possibly be simpler than meditatation? Than being? Than existence itself?  

The reason it appears difficult is because most people have never tasted the true flavor of here. They have not yet smelled the fragrance of life. Or experienced enlightenment, the totality of now

Certainly many are trying. Millions upon millions of people of today and the past have been seeking realization.  

Many have gone into solitude and made increasingly painful and difficult sacrifices to find truth. 

They have renounced. They have abandoned. They have attempted. And yet they have nothing but more confusion and misery to show for their plight. 

It is such a strange phenomenon, that man ceaselessly seeks everywhere for himself except within himself. 

At no point in human history is self discovery more perplexing and confusing then in the age of unlimited information. 

You need not do anything but walk into your local bookstore or visit YouTube and find the section on spirituality or search meditation. 

There you will discover seemingly endless advice on how to meditate, how to 'apply' it and create a more happy and prosperous life. 

Everyone has a way, if you're willing to invest, either with your wallet or your time.  

Sadly and inexplicably we have reached the point where meditation is actually being marketed. 

But don't merely blame the business minded, they're just filling a void in the marketplace, just as accountable are the absent minded for being foolish enough to buy it.  

Obviously no awakened individual would ever sell meditation just as no authentic individual would ever buy it.  

Because meditation is absolutely free. It is the freest right man has. It is pure freedom. 

It is available always, anywhere, anytime, you simply need to accept it.  

Peace does not need to be found. It must be remembered.  

It is your natural condition. The silent space within your heart. The secret place of the most high.  

Secrets aren't meant to be shared. They're for you and you alone.  

And there is nobody that can guide you to yourself.  

Life is an independent and individual adventure. There is no path to follow. No road. No compass except the direction of your own heart. 

To meditate does not mean to sit like stone. This is a misunderstanding proclaimed by those that have never understood themselves. 

The true meditator, the truly meditative, accepts his awareness in each moment. The one that is happening here and now.  

He does not reserve wakefulness for a particular period, he does not act based on suggestions from others experiences but from the certainty of his own consciousness. His own wisdom. 

Life is his practice. Existence is his playground.

And while the entirety of humanity is proclaiming their authority, he simply moves according to his own playful enjoyment.

Childlike in his unconcern with their methods, manners and management. 

There is nothing serious about meditation. It is pure joy. 

It is of the same elements as nature. Your nature. The essence of being. 

The birds do not sing because of a command or strategy.  

They simply share what is within them.  

We need not meditate because it is going to give us some advantage in the daily activities of life.  

We meditate because we desire closer conscious connection with the activity of life.  

To know ourselves. To be ourselves. To assert our authority and presence with the present. 

Never allow anyone to burden you with their opinions of what or how to be.

Give yourself a chance to trust your truth.  

If you are intuitively interested in beginning, continuing or playing with meditation, simply follow that feeling.  

That is what meditation is!  

You don't need a schedule or a method. 

All of eternity is your program. You are the method and the master.  

Just be and you'll rediscover blissfulness bubbling up from the depths of your being.  

There is nothing that needs to be done. No one to emulate.

YOU are the practice and the way. 


(drops mic) 




Wongi is the author and founder of Practically Enlightened, spirituality for smart people. Follow him on FB and IG @iamwongi.  


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