Awake and Fake: The subtle difference between consciousness and cockiness

Awake and Fake: The subtle difference between consciousness and cockiness

You can't prove your consciousness, but I can prove I was (and sometimes still am) a huge dick.

Few men whom ever roamed this Earth have enjoyed themselves more than myself.

Perhaps a few tantalizing prospects, but I'm confident I'm up there with the greatest of them, and that's totally not just my ego talking.

This abstract idea of personality that is not you, but somehow is, has perplexed women and men alike for centuries.

In most schools of religion, discipline and organization the suggestion is that you must drop the ego in prelude to self realize, fulfill the greatest good and be free from suffering. 

Adversely a strong attachment to the ego and the individual is prone to conflict within himself and misunderstanding or misinterpretation of connection, source and direction.

This is all well and good on paper until (like  here in the real world) that paper is money or a marriage certificate and the egotistical and mystical characteristics of ourselves are forced to share the same bathroom without closing the door.

This is where Wongi dwells. In stinky toilets. Where the fragrance of life isn't always pleasant, even with all the butt wipes and incense and potpourri, shit, is always real.

We cannot avoid truth any more than we can our ego. Your personality is comprised of your likes, dislikes, attitudes, culture and experience which is part of your human reality. Although it is not you, not the entire you, you are at least in part personality and ego.

Mystics will claim that the real you is spirit, for spirit is all there is. But if spirit is all there is, why do I poop? And why do I muffle my farts in public restrooms? (Not that I use public restrooms.)

That my friends, is ego. The quality of yourself that protects, inspires, motivates and justifies our actions. And its in our actions that life happens.


Has anyone ever considered that the people denouncing egotism never had a healthy one? Like celibates. Maybe they've just never enjoyed sex. Yet they have advice on how to use it. Or not.

What if having a healthy ego is the same as having a healthy cock, and it just needs some attention, appreciation and direction?

Anything can be consciously optimized, isn't that the nature of consciousness? What makes ego any different?

The people and places interested in you not having a healthy ego are the same ones  interested in you not having a healthy sex life.

They aren't interested in your happiness. Their interest is in control.

Your control. And the regulation of you through your behavior and belief.

The conscious ego man cannot be controlled. 

The conscious ego is individual.

Individuals have choice.

They do as they please.

What and when they want.

And people whom are free to do or be whatever they want are very difficult to control.

The free employee is not reliable. The free citizen cannot be drafted. The free husband can go out on weekends. Which puts the entire system, the whole society at risk.

That is why they say drop the ego. Let it go. But they never say drop God, or employers or country.

No. You should keep those restrictive, unjust and unnecessary violations of human liberties but drop the only aspect of yourself that can rectify them.

No accomplished human has succeeded without a hint of madness and a healthy ego. 

Jordan. Tesla. Jobs. Jesus. Hefner. Beyonce.

Each of them know exactly who they are and what they were to do. And they believed in themselves.

And nobody, not society or their unconsciousness was going to convince them otherwise.

And fortunately for them and humanity they knew ego isn't the boogey monster it's made out to be. That there's a place for thinking you can do anything, for self faith and for doing things because you felt like it. Because sometimes it feels good to be selfish and self full and self absorbed.

You don't win six championships, invent iPhones or produce Lemonade by not thinking highly of yourself. You do it by knowing exactly what it will take to satisfy your soul and slashing through whatever throat suggests contrary until the message is complete.

It doesn't have to be rude or obnoxious but it usually seems that way. Especially to those trying to drop an ego they know nothing about or for no other reason than a historical suggestion.

If you understand it, the ego can't hurt you. It's there as a tool. Else it would not be there at all! Ego exists to help you navigate the material world and enable your potential. Not just to be the best at something but to be the best version of oneself.

Is that not what consciousness and enlightenment is for? To actually become self actualized?

How can that happen if we're not embracing what we've become? Sure, we can modify aspects of our attitudes, habits and beliefs but the cumulative experience cannot be erased or forgotten. Like any photograph our history is impressed permanently into the fabric of our memory.

There, the image of ourselves is nurtured, developed and either encouraged to flower or denied the power required for growth.

Traditionalists promote the notion that ego evolves on its own accord. Shaped by circumstances and culture, the person most people become is their ego with an appointed name. And the majority never show their authentic selves because it's somehow buried under the 'imaginary layer of self' cultivated by influence and time.

Naturally I argue the opposite. That most humans avoid their ego completely. Afraid to accept who they truly are and what they actually want because the consistent pressure and demand of  their parents, society, government and lovers have left a pattern. 

A pattern of denial and compromise of their passion, intuition and impulse.

How else can we explain the confusion that pervades modern humanity? The disconnect between man and nature. The discord between man and man. The disease between man and himself.

All of it arises from inauthenticity. From the inability for humans to be human.

To live freely and instinctually.

The non ego man doesn't even know what he wants. He's so distracted by what's outside of himself that he's even misplaced his own feelings.

Thus he remains indecisive. Uncertain. Unconscious.

That's the falsity of dropping the ego. That some sort of self Sabotage will be avoided and that the normal authority the ego has over us relinquished. That the 'true us' will somehow inherit the driver's seat. Then we'll be free and correct to decide.

But freedom doesn't mean our ego has dropped responsibility, on the contrary we've become absolutely accountable for our actual thoughts and feelings.

Every action becomes art. Thought and feeling filled.

The man that is acting with awareness need not concern himself with which part of himself the urge precedes. He simply is. And accepts moment upon moment.


His consciousness doesn't permit past personality to precede the present.


The awakened being is too consumed with where and what he is now. Too mindful of what is happening to be bothered with your opinion of him or his lifestyle.

Everything is for his freedom. For him self. It cannot be any other way. We're not given control over other's egos or lives. We're only provided the opportunity to do with our own what we please.

And not enough people I meet are pleasing themselves first. Somehow their experience and happiness is no longer the priority. They've been convinced that others should come before them.

They put their wives, children and business success ahead of their own. It's commendable, their effort to reverse natural process and selection, but evolutionary law has not changed. It still reigns supreme and operates according to intelligence beyond the human intellectual capacity to interpret.

Yet it clearly puts you in command and requires of you to act for and by yourself. Nobody will ever control you but you. And no one can pilot your purpose as perfectly as the ego that produced it.

Maybe it's my ego that encourages me to encourage yours. Or maybe it's my consciousness that won't let me accept yours.

But when I pound sign Believe In You, it doesn't discriminate as to which part of you. Or what people are going to think of you. It appeals to the faith that truth dwells in you. Even if it remains hidden beneath an altered ego.







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