Spirituality is a Sickness

It's sad to see the sick. 

Nothing gives me more displeasure than seeing others suffer needlessly. 

All the sages and prophets of the past have come to take this pain away. 

Buddha. Jesus. And Wongi. Here to save your soul. 

But there is a big difference between those great men of the past and myself. 

The difference is that they are relics. And I am now. 

That with or without their permission establishments have been erected in their name. 

There are temples, churches, priests, monks, kings and queens dedicated to their worship and recognition. Ways of being and doing in their honor. Cultures of exploitation and enslavement that have continued for centuries. 

That was the way of the old. The one that suggests there is a way, usually one that of limits freedom and expression of the individual. 

This is different. It's new. Not new agey. That's already old. But fresh from the showroom, new. 

It has hardly been attempted. It involves a totally different way of existence. 

One in which life is so vivid, awake and supportive that heaven arises within him here. 

The old institutions are parasites on society. They condemn pleasure, restrict creativity and consume incalculable energy and time. How many working hours are spent in reverence that could be spent in meaningful action? 

For thousands of years our people have been told to sit while one speaks. To kneel at the site of statues or photos. And live rightly so that they may enter the kingdom of god. And BTW the way is this way. 

Well what if I don't want to follow a god. Or anything for that matter. 

What if I want to be a GOD? 

Take me to the school for that. (www.theHu.co)

It seems that if there are goals in life, that would be the ultimate. To become Godlike. To be pure consciousness. To turn the Earth into paradise and make Lords of all human beings. 

Seems simple enough. 

The soil just needs some preparation. 

The first phase is to remove the old growth. All of the weeds and old roots need to be removed. Previous and antiquated beliefs, religions, economic, political and educational systems must be repurposed and replaced. 

In there place we shall erect establishments that support the freedom and celebration of life and of the life of all human beings. 

Phase two will be to plant the seed that each can be totally and completely themselves without ever having to seek or search. 

That spiritually speaking, you already are what you are looking for. 

Just as to be healthy is the natural condition, to be spiritual is simply to be our relaxed, intelligent, instinctual, human selves. There is no greater spirituality. There is no higher enlightenment or vibration. 

We are it. Nobody is more important or holier than you. Embrace it. And quickly because new men are rising. 

Men that are not afraid to declare that God is dead. 

That materialism is dead. 

Democracy is dead. 

None of it has beautified the Earth or it's people. 

None have done anything but destroy our freedom, environment and connection to ourselves and one another. 

So naturally the question arises of how to survive in a dying world? 

The Godman will be life unto himself. 

He will live so wholly, completely and harmoniously that his very existence perpetuates new existence. 

He will become the creator. 

I hope I'm wrong!

I hope that all of the prayers and sacrifice made through the millennia are rewarded and that one night Santa Clause brings us world peace (it would be a lot less work) but I'm too practical for that. 

The problems plaguing humankind are problems of perspective. 

The surest way I know to shift perception is to present the information in a totally different way. A way that has never even been considered, much less blogged or Facebooked. 

Nobody has ever written that spiritual people are sick people. 

They really are convinced that by special breathing or sitting or eating super foods that their consciousness is evolving. 

It is absolutely delusional. Utterly ridiculous and totally ignorant of the evidence. 

If all of these traditions and methods and systems have any merit, where are all the awakened ones? 

Maybe I'm just not shopping at the right Whole Foods. Or maybe there are no Godmen? 

No men that are not concerned with their respectability or reputation. 

Men that stand for truth. That are willing to be crucified for it. 

And just might be. 

But hopefully not before a cure is delivered. That wouldn't make for a very happy ending. (And you know how I love happy endings.)

So after twenty years of reading self help, pseudo religious books, ten years of yoga, a decade of meditation, a pound of psychedelics and one mystical experience, here's what I know! 

Nothing. Zero. Zilch. 

I have absolutely no advice for you. 

But I do have a suggestion. 

Trust yourself. 

Over everything. Before anyone. 

Write your own scripture. Dance to your own symphony. 

Live as though the most important thing in your life is living. 

And allow experience to be the teacher and guru. 

OK that's like seven suggestions but you get the gist. 

You are incredibly but simply a human being. Start acting like it. 

There is no path. There is no way. There is no light to follow. 

You need no guidance. If you feel the necessity to climb into the dark then go. See what surprises greet you. You will come to understand soon enough. 

Parables won't help you any more than scheduling meditation. 

This is borrowed. Imitated. Initiated. 

The Godman follows no such footprints. 

He fly's towards freedom. 

While the sick stay home in bed. 
















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