Circumventing Circumcision

Circumventing Circumcision


It's about to get intimate. 

Foreskin personal. 

What? It's not gross. 

It's Human.  

I understand it makes you uncomfortable.  

That's why I'm writing this.  

To once and for ALL clear the air about what is really going on down there.  

Have no fear.  

We will pull (the truth) out together.  

And the truth looks something like this: 


I'm no geography expert but it appears that some historically brutal places, North America and Australia are the only ones in agreement. 

That this is a good idea: 

 I wanted to post a video but I couldn't force myself to watch any.  

I wanted to post a video but I couldn't force myself to watch any.  


No. That's not mine.

As you might have guessed mine is still in its original condition. 

That is 'uncircumcised.' Foreskin intact.  

Exactly how nature, God and the Universal force created it. 

The way life intended.  

And for nearly all of ancestral human history there was never any thought about it.  

Why would we bother?

The design seemed to be working fine.  

Until somebody, sometime thought otherwise. 

And they must've really felt strongly about their convinctions!

Because at some point someone was the first. 

To chop the tip of their penis or permit someone else to allow them. 

It was very likely the first plastic surgery.

Intentional body alteration for the purpose of being aesthetically pleasing. 

Because there really isn't any other reason.  

There are no health benefits, scientifically speaking.

Circumcision is not cleaner, hygiene depends on the person.  

There are no experiential benefits, although I don't know from experience. 

Circumcision doesn't feel better (for either partner). 

There are no social benefits.

So that a son looks like his father?

Yet I suppose that's why I'm not snipped.

In fact it leaves a lot of primitive penises thinking that there is something wrong with them!  

That's like fruit being exceptional for being organic. Oh wait...

I was reminded recently when a friend's son was running around naked at the beach with some other boys. 

He still has organic equipment and his mom was telling me how he had recently confided in her that he felt strange because his was different. 

And it did look different.  

Because it wasn't in use.  

Flacid primitive penises are kinda awkward.  

The head remains protected.  

Pig in its blanket.  

Warm and snugly.  

Which I presume permits the tip to stay safe and sensitive.  

Science claims nearly 75% of penial nerve sensitivity is lost when the forskin is snipped.  

I don't know how you could prove it, but let's just say it's significant.  

Imagine 20% less sight. Or taste.  

Or in some cases 20% more.  

Personally the sensation of penetration can be overwhelming.  

So much so that I usually have to slow down or the experience will last about six sexy seconds.  

The feeling forces me to pay more attention to what is happening. 

Not only within me, but with her.  

The woman I've spoken with on the subject of preference are split 50/50. 

They claim it depends on the dick. And the dick attached to it...

No clue. 

All I know is that when I'm with a woman it's an experience.  

Not just for me. For them too.  

Many have never been with a spiritual playboy.  

An awakened lover.  

But most have been with circumcised ones.  

And the more women I'm intimate with, the more I hear about how emotionally disconnected dudes are.  

I've literally had partners cry in my bed.  

Not because the sex was that good, (well sometimes) but because nobody had ever looked them in the eyes or touched them so sweetly before. 

Some are grown woman. Mothers even! 

It's not about me.  

I'm not blessed with any particular sexual advantage. 

I'm just aware.  

But what the fuck are you guys doing?  

You're not there.  

Why would you be?  

There is still pain.   

You might not recognize it, but the body remembers.

The yogis actually have a word for it, samscara or emotional scarring stored in the fascial tissue. 

The subconscious remembers.

The soul remembers.

You remember. 


How could such a traumatic event not have a physical, psychological and spiritual effect?  

The child is so young, so helpless and yet all of the people around them to support them just subjected him to barbarism. 

Some circles even throw a party to celebrate! 

That would make me pretty untrusting too.  

Pretty closed.  

Emotionally. Sexually. Indefinetly. 

Not surprisingly, most of my male friends and clients suffer from their inability to connect and communicate. 

Is it possible it started with the physical practice of removing the man's most sensitive tissue? 

What better way to control a population? 

Then by decapitating the source of rebellion and ambition? 

Their capacity for love.  

Men will do almost anything for love.  

But most men know nothing of real love.  

How could they? They've never felt it.  

Their first erotic experience was horrific. 

So they love the same way. 

Forcefully fucking their way through life in an attempt to feel something. 

They fuck their wives. 

They fuck their friends. 


Before long we're all fucked. 

But it doesn't feel nearly as good as it should. 

The sensitivity is gone.  

So what to do? 

Well first of all let them choose.  

How many rules are there to get a piercing or a tattoo?  

If you're not 18 you can't put ink on your skin and definetly can't get a operation without a parent or legal guardians permission. 

Fuck their permission.  

Our society continues to treat children like possessions.  

Kids are the most prostituted people on Earth.  

They deserve privacy. Especially regarding their privates.  

They are theirs!  

Parents feel empowered that they are free to do with 'their' kids as they choose. 

Give them a chance. Most of us hardly make good decisions for ourselves. 

You know why they perform circumcisions on infants?  

Because if they were able to speak they wouldn't allow it.  

"Let me make sure I'm hearing you correctly. You want to chop what off???" 

Let's just say adult circumcision is rare.  

You can always take it off.

You can't put it back. 

And the practice would naturally erode if mothers and fathers were rebellious enough to let ignorant and harmful traditions fade away. 

Two weeks ago it was tradition to not allow same sex couples to marry and ok for a state government to fly the confederate flag.  

Well I'm in support of penis pride.

Protecting and leaving our infant princes royal parts at peace. 

So what about those of you who didn't get a choice? 

Many of you wouldn't choose otherwise. Or have made the same decision for your sons. 

I can't say I know what it's like.

But I respect you. 

And whatever you decide. 

So long as it's what you want and not because of someone else's beliefs. 

Because then you're just accepting the opinions of others.  

And those generally take more than they give.  

Know what I mean?  

So just to make sure I give you something worth while, my best advice is to mimick what was removed.  

Retreat from the external world. 

Find that safe space inside yourself where you can simply observe.  

Explore your senses. 

The sights, sounds, smells, taste and touch of existence.  


Be one with yourself.  

Put every ounce of your being and trust into every moment. 

Then you will know now.  

You will know love. 

By your wholeness.  

Just as you are. 


















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