Meditation and Masturbation

Meditation and Masturbation

By Wongi

Meditation and Masturbation might be two of humans oldest activities.

I know they're two of my faves.  You know what I'm talking about; doing and being. 

I'm not sure who's more perverted, me writing this, or you reading it, either way, let's not make it more awkward than it has to be.

I mean masturbation isn't such a taboo thing to speak about is it?

95% (so like all) of men and 89% (probably higher if we're being honest..and we're always honest) have indulged. 50% of society does weekly. That's way more than the percentages that meditate. 

Is it weird that the 'lower' physical activity is more popular? 

Not when you consider that porn is hot. And that the industry makes up nearly half the internet and generates more revenue than the $10 Billion Hollywood produces from movies annually.

So then what's the big deal? 

There isn't one. Self exploration is natural. (Monkeys do it all the time.

Masturbation is exploration of the outer physical self, just as meditation is the exploration of the inner spiritual self.

All physical life is from sex. All intellectual and spiritual growth is from within.  

So why the cultural resistance to sexual dialogue and education throughout most of western human history? 

Like many other widely accepted traditions the origin is found in the judaic-christian religious bias toward self empowerment. 

The rules are pretty blunt. If you participate in sex before marriage you're a sinner. If you enjoy sex you're pretty much a sinner. Much less sex with yourself. That's a no no. 

So over the years entwined into the fabric of society is this idea that masturbation is detrimental to your health and happiness. Or your holiness. 

Well according to who's rules? A monks, priest or yogis? Yeah some of them are a little awake, but they're also fucking awkward.

Particularly if they've really repressed their sexual energy (particularly through it's peak) then as far as I'm concerned they've failed to taste (and touch) some of the best of life. 

They have little experience to judge whether you should play with yourself once in a while. 

That's not to say one should not show constraint. Overindulgence is the greatest threat to human wellbeing, but who is to say how much is enough?

Each muct determine for oneself. Maybe that's where meditation can help?  

Sex is not special, any insect can do it, but it requires man to make it sacred.

Only humans can elevate sex from an act of primal instinct to a process of tantric streaming consciousness.

We are capable of awareness during intercourse. All other species merely perform the act. Humans and humans alone, can make sex meditative. 

Clearly that's not what's happening.

Sex is more and more about the physical. I mean there are goddamn sex robots. 

This is gonna sound oddly odd but think of the last time you played with yourself or your partner. Were you present? 

Were you absorbed in the act or anticipating a finale? 

A time and place that doesn't exist.

Like in Alice in Wonderland when she asks the White Rabbit "How long is forever?" and he says, "sometimes just one second."

Alternatively meditation enhances now. Supposedly even during sex and masturbation. 

But I'd argue nothing is instinctively more meditative than masturbating or lovemaking. 

Instantly our entire being is involved, so much so that our imagination can produce a climax. 

Maybe masturbation is meditation? 

A really effective way to clear the mind and energy from the body.

Collectively I think it would be healthier for people to stop categorizing things as spiritual or to imply that they have a positive or negative effect on our being. 

Instead it would be more appropriate to realize that all of our human impulses and desires and possibilities are equally valuable because they come from us. 

Our responsibility as conscious and awake individuals is to allow and welcome the truthful discussion about topics that are often historically or emotionally difficult to discuss. 

Both masturbation and meditation are completely organic. 

There is no need to concern yourself with whether masturbation will take away from your meditation, or whether it is depleting you. 

Things will balance and settle on their own. 

You just go about your business of being truthful to yourself. 

Following what and how you feel.  

If you are living with awareness there is no 'wrong.' Existence will continue to support you.

Drop false beliefs and those that have been thrust upon you unwillingly. 

You deserve to enjoy even the simple pleasures that life has to offer. 



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